Providing Quality Services
Since 2009

SPUD Nigeria Ltd was established in 2009 to meet the growing need for professional Indigenous companies to support and partner with major corporations to improve the effectiveness of their business and operations by assessing business needs as it relates to engineering and technical services, with a core focus on project design, engineering and management.

SPUD was established in response to the need in Nigeria of indigenous experienced and credible engineering and consultancy services that can provide excellent advice and technical services to the oil and gas sectors.

We maintain a range of diverse services that includes and not limited to project engineering, oil field and well production optimization services, operations and maintenance services, procurement and general oil and gas services.

We offer specialized services in project management and general engineering, OCTG, offshore vessels, access control and equipment procurement & lease services.


Why Choose Us?

Top-notch Service

SPUD aspires for a leading local market position by delivering first in class engineering consultancy services, strategic world-wide corporate and technical alliances, and maintaining top-tier quality standards as the firm's backbone of progressive growth.

Our Method

Providing Optimal Engineering Methodologies. Deliver best value, flexible, cost-effective, and integrated engineering solutions in compliance with the latest design/construction international and local codes and standards across various project portfolios.

24 / 7 Online support

Developing and maintaining Robust Client Loyalty. Generate a loyal customer base via full integration with client-driven expectations.


We Make a Difference

Our Transformation Process for Your Business

  • Improved effectiveness in business and corporate strategy.
  • Enhanced project management, front-end engineering design, engineering restoration, and general procurement
  • Cost-effective regulatory compliance
  • Finance and loan facility consulting

Our Partners

Our Assurance

Putting your needs first -Expectation Meets Expertise.