Involved in large scale project engineering and management, oil and gas production optimization services, front end engineering design, engineering construction and restoration and general procurement. SPUD Consultancy & Services Nig. Ltd working with leading global hedge fund institutions also engages in finance sourcing as it relates to borrowing and raising funds for mid to large scale projects and also to seek means to secure repayment of funds borrowed, raised or owed.

Our philosophy is that every business is unique, therefore our services are adapted to fit to the clients’ business objectives at real time. We retain a team of committed professionals and are dynamically adaptive to new challenges and varied business environment. We are bold in the execution of our plans and guarantee a consistent high standard in the delivered services.

For our Production optimizations services, in formal collaboration with global leading OEMs and Oil and Gas servicing companies we have viable and long term solutions to ensure our clients accelerate first oil, Reduce OPEX, maximize production and recovery and defer abandonment of the oil field and wells.

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